Platinum still be correcting the five-waves sequence (i), in a three-waves correction up as wave (ii). Currently, the leading diagonal wave a is likely correcting in a three waves as the wave b.

Alt : As a more bullish alternate count in near-term, the wave b could be completed and the current rise may be beginning of the impulsive wave c.

Note : The leading diagonal wave a, as an initial bullish concept, would infer that an extended wave c up would likely be ahead…

Fibonacci targeting :

The Fibonacci 0.786 retracment level at 1103.4, could be considered as an adequate target for the ongoing wave b.

The ultimate target as extreme point of the corrective sequence as the wave (ii), could be around the Fibonacci 0.618 retracement level at 1212.5. Also the overall wave (ii) will likely last until mid April, when is at the Fibonacci 0.5 time ratio level.

Platinum - Intraday 600Platinum - Intraday 240


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