Bullish outlook :

The Euro is rising in anticipated fifth wave of Minor wave C, after completing its fourth wave. The outlook immediately is bullish against the 1.1207, through the 1.1464-1.1485 range.

Note : I’ve explained the Minute wave iv (circle), in two alternate counts. (see on these charts)

EURUSD - Intraday 240EURUSD - Intraday 600


One thought on “EURUSD

  1. Raj


    Could you please let me know if the 4 th wave is complete? Since this down move looks and feels impulsive, has the 1st wave of major wave 5 started? Do you think we can sell after minor wave 2 completes around 50 to 61.8 of this impulse move? Can you please post a chart of Eur/usd with your views. Thanks a million.


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