Dollar Index Rally in Minor wave B :

This week, the U.S. Dollar Index retraced up through the 38 percentage of Minor wave A decline, likely in a completed Minute wave a (circle). The following Minute waves of b and c lie ahead, prior to the completion of the rally in Minor wave B.

Based on this alternative, the broad outlook remains bullish against the 93.155 low.

DX - Intraday 600


One thought on “DX

  1. Raj

    Thank you very much for these charts on DX. So, in your view, DX will pull back until around 94.50 next week and then resume the uptrend for completion of minor Wave B. This also means that Eur/Usd will be temporarily bought for minor second wave to the upside and then down again for the 3rd minor wave right?
    Thanks a million for the insight. I was thinking of shorting eur/usd at market open on monday. I guess i will wait until the pull up on Eur/usd and short at a higher price. Draghi has had a speech today, so there may be a gap over the weekend as well. Thank again. Much appreciated.


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