The U.S. Dollar today’s low which is below the 93.40, eliminated the triangle alternate count as Intermediate wave (4) developing.

However, in this daily frame, these Minute and Minor counts remains intact for interpretation of the undergoing fourth wave, now as a flat correction.

Based upon this alternate count, the short-term outlook remains bullish in anticipated Minute wave c(circle) rally of an expanded flat as Minor wave B underway.

Note : If the Minor wave B traces out a regular flat or a triangle instead an expanded flat, the labels of Minor degree should be adjusted to W-X-Y, as a “double zigzag”.

DX - Daily

2 thoughts on “DX

  1. Raj Ponath

    Dear Sir,
    According to this chart, 4th wave is still incomplete. I would like to know, if the chart you have shown is according to the scale of the time as well. according to the chart the 4th wave will complete by roughly sep15-20 2015. Just would like to know, with the time-price ratio, is this an accurate measure (or even near accurate). Thank a miilion for the chart.


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