Crude Oil

The today’s rally in Crude Oil, suggests that Minuette wave (c) decline of the ongoing triangle terminated near the anticipated target at $58.07, and Minuette wave (d) rally has begun its way up.

The today’s low at $57.94, should hold for this entire analysis on the triangle Minute wave iv(circle), to remain valid.

Crude Oil - Intraday

3 thoughts on “Crude Oil

  1. Amirmahdi

    Thanks Mr or Mrs for your beautiful charts. I like Elliott approach as well and I appreciate any advise from you as an expert. I’ve studied carefully the Elliottwave concepts almost 4 years ago and followed Robert Miner high probability theory on that. What do you think ? would you please recommend me anything or any source as it surely will help me analyse more professionally like you ?

  2. elliottchart Post author

    I appreciate your positive view. I recommend “Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior” by A. J. Frost and Robert R. Prechter. I recommend also following website.

  3. amirmahdi

    Thanks. If that’s the one translated to Persian by Mr. Ghasemian and Mr. Langeroudi, I’ve done some decent work on it. That’s the book from which I’ve studied Elliottwave. Would that be completely fulfilling and enough? Because I supposed there were other sources that pro Elliottarian used to apply beside the reference you mentioned.
    Anyway, thanks for the time and effort


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