Base on this bullish alternate count in the Intraday frame, the Euro should continue to rise in Minute wave c (circle) of Minor wave Y, before the end of entire correction as a double zigzag.

The bullish outlook is through the expected target at 1.18135, where the waves of Y and W are equal, while price holds above 1.08470.

EURUSD - Intraday

1 thought on “EURUSD

  1. Raj

    Why do you think that EU has not completed the 4th Wave? Dont you think the chart that you marked as W is the 4th wave completion? unless it breaks above the W, can’t we count the next waves as 1-2, 1-2 and then wait for the 3 of 3 because so far on major waves, it seems to have corrected only by 3 waves. So until and unless your wave W is broken, this can still remain as a bearish 3 of 3 as well… i am a novice… this is just my observation. please tell me your reasons for your probability.. thanks and regards


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