Bear trend in its very late stages :

After an impulsive decline in Minute-degree wave a(circle), Gold will soon mount on the same degree wave b(circle), which will result in a final decline in wave c(circle).

Based upon the duration of prior declines in Minor-degree waves 1 and 3, the wave structure of their same degree wave 5 would be unfolded entirely, until late December.

Gold - Daily

2 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Pieter van Leeuwen

    I have the coming Dec low as just 1 of 5, with the final decline extending into spring.

    Fifth waves in commodities tend to subdivide.

    1. elliottchart Post author

      That’s right. The commodities most commonly develop extensions in fifth waves,
      however, it occurs within Primary or Cycle degree “bull markets”. Thanks for attention.


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