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Platinum’s bear market :

In the Platinum’s bear market since 2008, it is expected the Primary wave B(circle) to develop in further time during, with respect to duration of the same degree previous correction in triangle wave 4(circle) (1980-1998).

In accordance with this concept, a trend change in medium term is anticipated now.

Platinum - Quarterly


According to the bullish count on this weekly chart, unfolding a [W – Triangle X – Y] formation (since August 2011), would suggest an impending trend change in Platinum’s medium-term.

The wave structure of Intermediate-degree wave (B) may have completed, however there is no any indicating reversal move yet.

Platinum - Weekly

Natural Gas

As denoted by the labels on the Monthly-chart below, the bear market in Natural Gas (since December 2005) seems to be in the late stages of its Primary-degree wave C(circle).

The wave structure of this several years bear-market could be counted in a leading diagonal as first wave, a zigzag as 2nd wave, and an impulsive decline in its last wave.

Natural Gas - Monthly