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Natural Gas

As shown on the N.G. daily chart below, a countertrend rally in Minor-degree wave C would trace out Intermediate wave (4) as a flat correction in three waves.

Accordance with the Elliott Wave Principle, in a “flat” correction:

  • Wave B usually retrace between 100 and 138 percent of wave A.
  • Wave C is usually between 100 and 165 percent as long as wave A.
  • Wave C usually ends beyond the end of wave A.

Natural Gas - Daily

Natural Gas

After extended Intermediate wave (3), the price is correcting in Intermediate wave (4) which would likely tracing out a three-wave as a flat correction.

Based upon this wave count, an impending countertrend rally in third wave of the wave (4) is anticipated.

The wave (4) will eventually result in a final decline as the wave (5) of Primary wave ((C)).

Natural Gas - Weekly


The Gold’s volatility in Minor-degree fourth wave, which started on February 11, would likely surround the 2.2%. ( in ongoing wave ((d)) up and following wave ((e)) down by mid-March.)

The expected target in this week is 1250.8, as the Minute wave ((d)) extreme.

Gold - Intraday

Crude Oil

Oil may still remain in the process of correcting in sideways, as long as hold under 34.82. Any break of this level would negate a running triangle as the fourth wave developing, since its wave c cannot move beyond the wave a extreme.

Based upon this wave count, the sideways developing will result in resuming decline of Minute-degree fifth wave.

Crude Oil - daily


Sideways Developing :

Today is the first strong rally day in Dollar Index in the last month, that would raise confidence that Minor wave D advance is underway.

As noted in the prior posts, Intermediate wave (4) would develop in sideways over the months ahead. With respect to a triangle correction as the fourth wave, its Minor waves A and B are complete, wave C could have completed too, wave D up is ongoing, and wave E down/sideways will lie ahead.

DX - daily